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Kidsgrove 1871



Welcome to Kidsgrove in the year of Our Lord 1871.

The reigning monarch is Queen Victoria and the Prime Minister is William Gladstone.

The Town Crier is George Waddups and you have probably heard that there has been a pretender to his office in the form of Paul Goldstraw.  Mr Goldstraw has been sent on his way by the powers that be.

Even though we are a town, we do not have a town hall yet, this is probably not going to happen until about 1898 I should think.

The parish is made up of 1008 acres of land and the main owners are, Ralph Sneyd Esquire, Mrs Kinnersley, W. Lawton, W.H. Edwards and several others.

Ralph Sneyd is the lord of the manor.

The population stands at around 4,000.

We have a post, telegraph and money order office which is managed by Thomas Wardle, the sub postmaster.

Letters arrive at 7.00am and 4.00pm and are dispatched at 10.00am and 8.00pm.

W. Cooper Esquire is the Chairman of the Local Board of Health and Henry Woodcock is the clerk.  There is a railway station, on the main Stoke to Manchester line and George H. Howarth is the station master.

The Kidsgrove Gas Light Company Ltd in Hardings Wood is managed by Mr J. Davies.


St Thomas’s church in the Avenue, erected in 1843 by Thomas Kinnersley of Clough Hall, has the Reverend Frederick T. Wade as its vicar.  Mrs Kinnersley has provided the money for the vicarage to be built.  The Wesleyans have a chapel whose minister is the Reverend John Reacher.   The Primitive and Methodist Free churches also have a presence here.

We have a Church of England School which has places for both boys and girls, Moses Salter is the master and Sarah Salter the mistress, Miss McClaren is the mistress for the infants.  There is also a Wesleyan Methodist school whose master is G. Gregory.


At the moment we don’t have any street or road names because everyone knows everyone else and where they live.


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